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My blues

Bluevan's picture

Study song My Blues,I learned the song but  kinda improved this whole take, but followed davids original as a guidline if that makes sense.   David can you please review song if can I appreciate it. thank you.    Gear used: bogen PH-10 amp redone into ga6-5e3 circuit, jt30 w/white label cr, diy reconed jensen p12p speaker in 1950s metal speaker cab, manji A harp,  lone wolf delay. I definitely left too much space at turnaround area again after listening to it , but it is a slow blues so...........:)



Dave Blue's picture

That just hits the nerve.  Love it.

I like your Junior Wells

David Barrett's picture

I like your Junior Wells opening from the V. Use of tongue blocking, bending and dynamics are very good. IV Chord lick at :41 is very cool. Lick that follows it at :50 is not my favorite. Nice control of your 3" at 120... you may want to experiment with the chewing vibrato there (as taught in the Tremolo and Vibrato lesson). Rest is very nice... thank you for submitting.