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The Neverending Swing

mishaikin's picture

So, spending a few days, writing numbers on a blank sheet, it seemed to me like Neverending Swing :-)

The backing track is Jump Swing in C from Jimi Lee's Groovetrax CDs.
Amplified low-F Thunderbird harmonica.


Gary Smith Judging

Gary Smith's picture

cool low-tuning sound... jumped timing a little... good imagination


robfraser's picture

Your amplified tone with that low F Thunderbird is brilliant! I want one! Some cool licks in there and, for me, your last three notes of the track were right on the money, well done!

Nice tone,my man! I did pick

Mark Hummel's picture

Nice tone,my man! I did pick up the timing problem Dave talked about. I do LIKE the ch7 like as well. Overall-I LIKE IT!

David Barrett Judging

David Barrett's picture

Here we go!

CH1 - My god... the tone! Nice. Solid ideas for your head... good / Your rhythm is all over the place... you need to spend some time with the track to dial that in.. / I like the last two notes 3 4
CH2 - Nice variation on the head / I like the 3" on the V
CH3 - Nice sequencing here / you played a little bit to loud here for my taste... it sounded a bit premature to start playing that strong
CH4 - I like the octaves here... volume is good
CH5 - Nice sparse rhythm here
CH6 - Nice octave use again, a trademark of horn-imitation on the harp
CH7 - Man... I'm stealing that lick!
CH8 - GREAT use of the shake here... I needed something here
CH9 - Good
CH10 - Again, nice sequence use
CH11 - I like how you're not afraid to hang on one note and groove with it... cool
CH12 - Head
CH13 - Head #2

Well played, really enjoyed it!

Well done!!

hank stefaniak's picture

Low harp has such a nice fat tone to it! The repetitions you use are effective and you certainly kept the grove moving!

Low F Harp!

walterjuke's picture

That low F harps sounds really cool! Lots of good ideas. I enjoyed listening to this, thanks!