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New Beginnings (Melody)

pvcafin48's picture

I'm too new to blues harmonica to effectively improvise upon a jam track and create bluesy music. Single notes are fine for me though. So this one is a simple melody I have set upon a backing track by Elite Backing Tracks called New Beginnings. I have kept the title same because this is my new beginning as well. I have used Audacity for recording on PC and I'm playing a Marine Band 1896/ Key A.  Thank you for allowing me to share, would really appreciate any observations/suggestions.


Nice melody, thank you for

David Barrett's picture

Nice melody, thank you for contributing. My quick suggestion is for you to explore using a throat tremolo on all of your long-held notes. As you continue your studies on the site you'll also learn about two-note combinations and octave playing... these will also give you some more color options. Thank you again.

Thank you.

pvcafin48's picture

Thank you sir for your ideas. With an attempt to improve, I have submitted a new version of this melody again.