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Spl20's picture

This is a little ditty I play because it makes me happy! Nothing special but I wanted to join in and participate. So it is what it is I call it Okey Dokey!, for obvious resasons,Hope you enjoy it.


Simple and sweet  

Niallharp's picture

Simple and sweet


Madcat's comments:

Peter Madcat Ruth's picture

Nice loping feel - very steady. I like how the themes built off each other and then repeated. Very nice.


Joe Filisko's picture

Solid rhythm and amazing use of repitition. Good showcase for what the harmonica does well. JF

Comments - Tom Ball

Tom Ball's picture

I like the alternation between single notes and chords –well done. Rhythm is nice, as is your tone. Nice rhythmic switch at :23. Alternations in tone (from hand work) are effective. As the tune progresses, perhaps a bit more rhythmic syncopation or more variation would work well? Light-hearted and fun.


Spl20's picture

I really appreciate the feedback from all of you, makes me wonder why I hesitated to submit.

Like the rhythm

jodanchudan's picture

I like the varied chord sounds you get and the way you layer the melody on top of the rhythm after setting it up first - a cool idea!

Comments - David Barrett

David Barrett's picture

Nice chording, tone and rhythmic ideas. In the end of your opening phrases a 3" would have been a great note choice.

Special enough!

robfraser's picture

Very well executed! You have come up with something that I think will put a smile on anyone's face. It's a great blend of frivolous melody and solid toe tapping chug! V cool!

OK Okey

hank stefaniak's picture

good steady chug with solid 'break outs' - theme comes through - playing like this would make me happy too!!