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Post renovation harmony

Fredrik Hertzberg's picture

I chose 3 harmonicas for this, the lead part is played on a A harp in 2nd position. Then I have used one E-harp and one low E-harp to switch between playing the melody a fifth apart from the A-harp or laying backup style horn stabs in first postition.

The title comes from that we just moved back into out house after som renovation work and being in "exile" while I wrote most of this.




Akarsha Kumar's picture

Nice! There’s a very cool, synthesized tone to the harp on this one (I’m curious to know how it was achieved). The harmonies pop in unique ways and some of the licks have a Charlie Musselwhite feel to them. The move into Chorus 5 from Chorus 4 stood out for me.


Gary Smith's picture

Sounds very "down-home," like a real jam... a bit under-recorded (would have liked to hear more).


David Barrett's picture

It's a good day when I can sit down and listen to such cool songs. Here go...

CH1 - I like that the jam track you found/created leaves the bass and keys out to draw attention to your harp part. Nice harmonies in this chorus. Using a bend on your 3 draw would be a good idea. Notice how the second time you play the lick that the slight bend you put on there matched the band more. This is less noticeable in the last chorus. Your harmonies are also very tight... it sounds as if you're using a Harmonizer at some points you're so tight.
CH2 - I like the low harmonies here
CH3 - Nice use of Charleston rhythm here
CH4 - Good
CH5 - Good
CH6 - Good... I would have liked to hear a harmony on the last held note, though I assume you were going for the power of a united root note... I hear what you were going for

Excellent... great stuff.