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quick swing in c

Bluevan's picture

Been studying Blowning my horn study song for awhile now, and just improvised the jam tring to get the same feel. Tried to remember  the head right at the end was tricky and I dont think it was the same but close enough. Definetly not perfect and some stumbling going on but was fun playing it.   I used a 1956 Gibson Ga-6 with a small shell shure bullet w/black label CR, lone wolf delay. Dave could you reveiw track, thank you. Bluevan


Nice submission, you have

David Barrett's picture

Nice submission, you have some real nice ideas in there. I especially like your use of the lower octave major 6th arpeggios (1 2' 3" 3 4) and how you were able to make the 3" work musically when held. My one tip is to work on playing more behind the beat. By working on playing all of the time a microsecond later in time, your playing will sound more relaxed and swing harder. Thank you again for your submission, very nice work.

Thank you  for the input,

Bluevan's picture

Thank you  for the input, will definitely work on that.