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Remembering Mr Clarke

ErwinIost's picture

It took me a long time to finish this song. I had the idea a long time ago but i couldn't find the inspiration to give it form. Now, i found all the elements that i needed to finish my song dedicated to my mentor William Clarke.

And also my band did a great job trying to understand my idea, so for them a lot of credit!!! Nicolas Wernekinck on guitar, Johan Pasten on Bass and Eduardo Grez on Drums, we are The Blues Swingers!!!!!

This song will be part of our new CD.


I hope you like it and enjoy it.

Erwin from Chile


Hey Erwin, i was suprized

Marty Howe's picture

Hey Erwin,

i was suprized that you didn't land somewhere on the top 3. Not that the ones that were picked were not deserving, I think the judges had a tough job as all the entries were good. But I thought your tune was really hot.  Better luck next time :)



Clarke would be proud!

Mark Hummel's picture

i know Bill Clarke would be proud that a harp disciple from Chile is digging his stuff! Tight band arrangment too. Other then one fast riff that seemed out of time I thought you put together a solid composition here!

Nice big sound

jimsammy's picture

Good use of octaves, big tone - I did feel like the execution got away from you at times and the the groove of the harp suffered because of it. You obviously have good skills, but if you're gonna be The Blues Swingers, you better swing - If the groove gets away from you, you're not swingin'. 


Dennis Gruenling's picture

Hey Erwin - Really going for that west coast thing and capturing that vibe here. Great octave work throughout this song, and a nice arrangement with a great ending. A few of the phrases you push the beat a little bit, but this is a real fast tune and you all managed to keep up the excitement. Nice contrast of single note lines with the octaves too, and this really had some great lick ideas in it. Solid effort on this one! - Dennis "Count Chromonica" Gruenling

Hey Erwin great tune! I love

walterjuke's picture

Hey Erwin great tune! I love the intro.  Defintely got the William Clarke thing going - which is awesome!  Really great tone, phrasing, and ideas.  Fantastic!  The band sounds great too.  The recording quality is superb.  Can't wait for the album!

Congrats on a great job.


Great job!!

Steven Troch's picture

Hey Erwin,

Great job; I like it alot. 

The song has a killer intro, cool phrasing and nice bendings. 


This is a textbook example of how to play chromatic well.

marcgraci's picture

Very nice song, Erwin! When I listen to this song, I get the same feeling that I have when I watch Kobe Bryant play basketball. You have a real talent for chromatic playing.

I like the start- how you begin alone, and then the band jumps in. I love the repetitive lick at :53. The repetitive, octave horn line at :95 is a classic chromatic move and sounds great. Your band is tight and the drum break is nice. When are you guys doing a US tour? There's a lot of people doing the Chicago blues thing (which is cool), but I really dig your uptempo sound, and I think you'd be a big hit.

Anyone distributing your album up here?

Blues is Alive in Chile !!

Marty Howe's picture

Nice tune and composition Erin!  William Clarke would be happy with your huge harmonica tone.

Love the lick at 66. Also the octave splits at 84. Was refreshing to hear the return to solo note playing at 110.

Good to hear that blues is alive and kicking in Chile!!

Keep on blowin.  :)

Marty from Canada


hank stefaniak's picture

Erwin, that is a brilliant piece of work! Great composition and playing. I think Mr Clarke is smiling up there!! Well done