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Rockin Blues

iman_rahimipour's picture

For this contest I had many ideas in my mind and finally I decided to work on minor blues theme .

I started the song with a head which is repeated in last chorus - Ch 8

Also I tried to use diffren ideas and also chromatic patterns for this song .

Hope enjoy it


Iman Rahimipour  from Iran


Nice timing -catchy tune

Mark Hummel's picture

Very nice timing here & smooth outing with solid outcome. It's got a catchy head too. Nice use of octaves with pretty tone!!

Cohesive and wild too!

jimsammy's picture

Nice fat tone. Good thematic idea development - I dug the contrast between the simple, straightforward stuff you started out with and the more dramatic, wild verse toward the end.


Dennis Gruenling's picture

Hey Iman - Nice work on this song. Your tone is really one of the standout things for me on this one. I also really like the melodic theme, the octaves, and the variations you add to it. Nice slide work as well, and nice use of distorted notes. Another thing that sticks out for me is the cohesiveness of your ideas throughout the tune. Nice work here! - Dennis "Count Chromonica" Gruenling 

Well done!!

hank stefaniak's picture

Smooth melody lines and clean articulation give this a nice feel - melody lines flow well - effective octave chorus and those shakes really woirk and the follow up riff is so wicked!! - good one!!

Nice playing.  Good tone.

walterjuke's picture

Nice playing.  Good tone.  This is catchy.  The chorus that starts around 2 minutes is fast and freaky! Way cool!  Great job.


I like it alot. I really like

Steven Troch's picture

I like it alot. I really like the part with the shakes followed by that awesome riff which gives the song a very nice oriental flavor. 



Steven Troch