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Shake Dancer

Patrick Lindgren's picture

This is a great song to study as it contains a lot of technique (dips, bends two note combos, timing) and it is not overly fast. Little Walter recorded it but my "version" is inspired by another of the great players, Gary Smith from his album Blues for Mr B. Getting Garys tone seems impossible but is my quest at hand.


Keep on blowing



Level 4 on my way to L5


This sounds absolutly

joey.kendall's picture

This sounds absolutly fantastic, great job!

Thanks Joey :)

Patrick Lindgren's picture

Thanks Joey :)

Excellent job Patrik. Your

David Barrett's picture

Excellent job Patrik. Your technique, rhythm and tone are excellent. My only suggestion is that you use more tremolo/vibrato. You use it on your long-held notes, but you can use it even more (on rhythms as short as downbeat eighth notes). Listen to Gary's example and make mental note where he uses it... this will be a great reference. Thank you for submitting.

Critique needed and wanted

Patrick Lindgren's picture

Hi David!

If you reed this I would very much appreciate som constructive critique.