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Shakey's Shuffle a Tribute to Big Walter

Jon M Harl's picture

Hey gang this is my tribute to Big Walter Horton, my favorite player. This original composition was an interesting journey. From about 2 dozen BW shuffles I selected my favorite licks and verses and assembled them into a song

using David's song writing instruction. The idea was generated from the Gary Smith's song "Your Cat Will Play" which is submission number 11 under Gary's interviews. As usual all the playing could be better in my ears... especially verse number 7. I hope you enjoy it.



David Barrett's picture

I LOVE your idea of taking Horton's best shuffle licks and turning them into a new original instrumental... you da man! You did an excellent job of choosing licks and the order in which they were placed. Your playing is no doubt packed full with good feel and technique... the area that needs work is in the power of presentation... being stronger and more powerful in the presentation of what you play... confidence. In some cases I can tell it's about being able to make it through a long phrase with enough lung power. I think playing with a band... getting stage time will fix all of these issues over time. Again, fantastic composition!

Good Concept

jimsammy's picture

I think the song unfolds well from verse to verse. I did hear some pitch problems, especially with the 3 hole draw in the first couple verses. You also might think about working on developing a stronger embouchure. That will give you more control and a bigger, more focused tone. It should also help you to get more accuracy on your bends and clear up some of the pitch issues.

fine ideas

Mark Hummel's picture

I like the ideas here. I did notice timing problems on the front half of the tune. Also could use some work on biting off notes more and enunciating licks so they're clearer sounding-it's got a bit of a mushy sound to it. Tone gets better as the tune progresses.


Jon M Harl's picture

Thanks Mark.


jodanchudan's picture

Great idea for an instrumental and your technique is solid throughout - great track!

Chicago Blues harmonica lives

frank's picture

Chicago Blues harmonica lives - your keepin the tradition alive and well, the mother of the band brother....keep on harpin!

Great tribute!!!

Steven Troch's picture

hey Jon, I love it. It's a tribute to one of my favorite players and it's a great tribute. Well done!!!

Brilliant tribute!

robfraser's picture

Nice one Jon! I'm a big Shakey fan as well (who isn't?!) and you've done a great job here. Some really tasty licks and your chorus forms and focus notes represent the big man's style very well. Had me clicking my fingers and tapping my toes!

Not shaky!

patricia mifsud's picture

Jon I love BW so I really enjoyed this-was lovely to hear and recognise the licks & the way you put them together made sense & was great to listen too. And dont make me jealous about recording in Daves studio!

Oh Yeah!!!

hank stefaniak's picture

Great collection and assembly with solid techniques used. Like your pull/slaps - you got that tone for sure!! Well done!!


Jon M Harl's picture

Hank... Thanks a lot.

Oh yeah

Jon M Harl's picture

This was performed at Dave's office/studio using a Wezo ME-18 and a Shure Brownie with a Shure CR element.