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Shim Sham Santa

walterjuke's picture

I used one of Jimi Lee's jam trax with a ii V I progression for this one.

Merry Christmas everyone!



hank stefaniak's picture

Sweet swinging groove that just keeps moving. Nice effects to go with that fat tone!!


philrader's picture

Well done - good luck in the finals!


jodanchudan's picture

Fantastic track! Very cool, swinging licks - good luck in the finals!


robfraser's picture

Well done Walterjuke! Another obvious choice! Enjoy the finals!

Congratulations Steve

patricia mifsud's picture

I loved this one from the first listen-good luck!!


Steven Troch's picture

Congratulations Steve!!


Troy Wilson's picture

And good luck in the finals!.

Gary Smith Judging

Gary Smith's picture

nice tone... contrast loud and soft well.... swings... evenly good

No sham here!

robfraser's picture

Great work Walterjuke! I'm going to try and learn some of your fast runs from this submission. 2 and 5 are my favourite choruses. Great stuff!

Nice feel all around. Sounds

Mark Hummel's picture

Nice feel all around. Sounds very natural to me. I'm not a big 6 draw fan but that's just me little opinion. Good upper register work too. You seem to know your way around the harp. The ending was shaky though. Good work!

David Barrett Judging

David Barrett's picture

Here we go!

Open - Cool... bend that 4' deeper
CH1 - Nice head / you have a nice relaxed feel... perfect for this swing / I like your use of dynamics
CH2 - Nice lick / That's a lot of playing in the holes 2-6 range... let's see if you change it up... don't bore me now! ;-)
CH3 - Yes, 2"! Play it LOUDER... the 2" is a very bluesy note... work it
CH4 - Nice use of the 3/4 / Love the 3'/4' in the IV
CH5 - Nice dynamic changes
CH6 - I like the 6 lick and the high-end fills
CH7 - Nice chording / you're doing a great job of NOT boring me! ;-)
CH8 - Nice use of sequencing... I was hoping you would do that as I was listening to it
CH9 - Head returns / work on mastering the rhythm at the end there... you want to leave with a good impression

Good use of all of the elements needed in an instrumental piece. Thanks for submitting!

Santa Swings

patricia mifsud's picture

Great entry-lovely feeling.Some fantastic riffs-made me want to dance!

You make it sound easy.

marcos's picture

Nice, easy feel. Great tone. Nice range. Really enjoyed listening to this!

NICE JOB !!!!!!

ErwinIost's picture

What a sound!!!! great tone and your ideas are really good...swing groove!!!!

Contratulations my friend!!!