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Slop Sauce

K_O_E_N_J's picture

Here's my harmonica instrumental called "Slop Sauce"

1 year and 5 months ago I heard Gary Smith for the first time. the same day I bought a harmonica and from that point there where just a few days I didn't play the harp.
I listened to the instrumentals from gary over and over before I came up with the head.
I wanted to get "Layback" sounding head with a bit of a "sloppy" feeling.
then I tried to build up the instrumental from low to high and at the 4th chorus from high to low, with a climax after a rhythm pattern.

I'am pretty happy with the end result and I could not do it with out the amazing cd's and videos from gary smith!

hope you all like it,

Greats from Holland
Koen Jacobs



marcos's picture

Nicely done. Well-deserved recognition!


Steven Troch's picture

Hey Koen,
congrats on a job well done.

groeten van een zuiderbuur.
Steven Troch


robfraser's picture

Well done on your placing! You deserve it!

Look out Holland, theres a

frank's picture

Look out Holland, theres a new sheriff in town - or should I say "shuffle king" congratulations.


jodanchudan's picture

Congratulations! A very cool submission and anyone who takes inspiration from Gary Smith has to be on the right track!

wow thank you all! There were

K_O_E_N_J's picture


thank you all!
There were some great instrumentals in the contest, and I feel honored to be on 3rd place!
thanks dave mark en rick.

greats from holland


iantonionni's picture

Nice one, well done!


hank stefaniak's picture

Way to go!! Great recognition for the work you've put in.


David Barrett's picture

CH1 - Nice head, a little bit active for my taste, less is more for the head. Nice tongue blocking usage... maybe a little too much truthfully.
CH2 - You used a lot of holes 2-4 in the head and this chorus uses a lot of 2-3. I would have liked you to move to a lower or higher range than the head... I would have played a 1 draw lick... that's me / Besides this, killer chorus and playing!
CH3 - Long 4/5 was just what the doctor ordered, well done, it shows you're thinking of duration and dynamics
CH4 - Nice / I like how you're presenting octaves here
CH5 - Sounded too similar to CH2 to me
CH6 - Glad to hear some repetitive Chorus Forms here
CH7 - Head... I like that you snapped your thumbs, you're feelin' the music

Well done! I would have like to of heard a the head either be more sparse or CH2 be more different than the head. Super solid playing, glad to have you as one of the entries!

thanks for the tips! I get

K_O_E_N_J's picture

thanks for the tips!
I get what you mean and I will remember it for my next instrumental.

The idea of CH5 was to get a rhythm pattern in the style of the theme.
Next time I use the rhythm pattern in a different way.

thanks allot for professional view, and I learned allot from it!

NIce job indeed!

Mark Hummel's picture

VERY strong playing ,ideas,tone,phrasing,bending, especially for the length of time you've been playing!! But regardless it's terrific-very bluesy too! The chorus at 2:15 was a bit cluttered but that's nitpicking. Loved the chord timing too!

I think the chorus at 2.15

K_O_E_N_J's picture

I think the chorus at 2.15 messy to, but this record was the best I had recorded ( in my opinion).

Iám glad it sounded bluesy! thats whats the blues is all about right!

Greats from holland

GREAT job!!!!

jimsammy's picture

Did I understand correctly that you've been playing for less than 2 years??? Amazing!
Great job! Cool, relaxed, tasteful & in the groove...good strategy too with the way you're ascending as the song develops. Gary Smith's a favorite of mine too and I can tell that you really "get" the uncommonly cool musicality of his playing!!! You have real good ears and excellent instincts!!!

thank you very mutch! Its

K_O_E_N_J's picture

thank you very mutch!

Its correct that iám playing less then 2 years.
I really love to study and play harmonica and most of the time around 2/3 hours a day.
Its changed my life! and I have no plans to quit


jodanchudan's picture

I love Gary Smith's stuff too and I can tell you've really worked at getting the thick 3/4 and 4/5 bends, the giant tongue-blocked tone and the relaxed rhythm. Nice!

Your a talented mo fo Koen -

frank's picture

Your a talented mo fo Koen - you slopped the hell outta that tune, I like your approach and the sound your layin down!

thanks frank! Iám glad that

K_O_E_N_J's picture

thanks frank!
Iám glad that it slopped you! haha

Not too sloppy!

robfraser's picture

Great example of the "progression of notes" concept in the first half of the track. Solid rhythm throughout and good slap technique. Nice entry, Koen!