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Strollin down the tracks

yazoo's picture

I tried to imagine a stroll down the railroad track, and couldn't resist adding a passing train. A definite nod to Pegleg Sam lurking in the background.


Is Yazoo here?

Exothermic Mike's picture

Awesome entry. I'd love to get the tab/riff figured out on for the intro/outro.

Yazoo, or anyone - willing to share?


yazoo's picture

Hi Mike,
Sorry for the late response, havent checked in for a while, I don't do much with tab, but I will have a bash at it tomorrow. Glad you liked the tune.

tab for opening riff

yazoo's picture

Here you are, it will be more of a description than a tab. 2-5 split blow, 1-4 split draw, 2-5 split bow, 3draw deep bend released up into a 1-3 draw split, released into a 123 draw chord, all with a healthy dollop of vibrato. The second phrase similar, but with a slide 2-5B, 3-6B, 2-5B. A lowish harp, I am using a low E, with Just or heavy compromised tuning helps!
Have fun.


Nedrick's picture

Congratulations Yazoo. Great train effects and creative ideas!


jodanchudan's picture

A really evocative piece - thought it was great. Well done!


tomsnow's picture

Hi Yazoo, thanks you so much for your words! I really aperciate. I'd love to share this first place with you because I really think that your submission was at less as good as mine. By far! Congratulations too and I'd like to hear more of your music! I really like your way to blow.

Tia's mood

yazoo's picture

Hi Tom, thanks for the reply, I hope Tia has forgiven you by now. Are you anywhere near Rouen, we play a few gigs there?


hank stefaniak's picture

COngratulations on a great entry and result!! I plan on listening to this many times and learning from your fine example!!

Congrats Robert!

robfraser's picture

Handshake reciprocated! There were plenty of great entries but, for me, your submission stood out as a top chug and your place is well deserved!

King of the Chug

Troy Wilson's picture

Congratulations Robert.

Madcat's comments:

Peter Madcat Ruth's picture

Two barks... Is that all we get?
This is a fantastic piece, full of great moments...
Some of my favorite moments were at 0:54, 1:10, 1:16, 1:34, 1:55 and then the train at 2:20.
Especially nice that you started and ended the piece with the same haunting lick.


yazoo's picture

sorry only two barks, I get a bit selfconscious about anything to do with vocals!


Joe Filisko's picture

AWESOME! Never get tired of hearing anything that sounds like Peg. Very clever idea of starting and ending with the 5th pos Rueben quote. It works nicely. Killer groove and use of repetition and dynamics and very strong command of technique and tone. The train sounded like a cross between William McCoy and Forrest City Joe. I liked how you ended it fast and basically on a fade out. Watch your whistle. Your inhale chord was a touch flat. There were also times that you would have gotten a bigger sound if you had used the inhale chord instead of playing hole 3 exhaling. JF

Thanks Joe

yazoo's picture

So glad you enjoyed my musical ramble. the 5th pos Reuben quote may have been a clever idea, but I have no idea what you mean!! (update, you meant Reubens Train by Peg Leg, just found it on the web)
Just off to unflatten my whistle

Comments - Tom Ball

Tom Ball's picture

Opening chords are sweet as pecan pie! I hear a sizable Rice Miller influence. Transition to chording at :55 is very well done, and that delicate split at 1:10 – yow!. You certainly have technique to burn, and nothing is overstated or blatantly in-your-face..... just musical, which is, after all, the whole point. Big kudos here.

cheers Tom

yazoo's picture

Thanks for the thumbs up Tom, I am sure that it means so much to all of the submitters to have musicians of your calibre take the time to listen & give your comments. A pint of real Ale for you when you take your next UK trip (does this constitute bribery?)

Comments - David Barrett

David Barrett's picture

Big tone hit me from the top... I like it. Nice air release on the blow notes... I would of liked to hear more of it. Nice vocalizations... I would of liked to hear more of it. Nice chording at :55. Nice one hole split at 1:10. 1:23 melody was real nice... I would of loved to hear you work with that some more. Chording 1:52 was a nice change. I like the train at 2:22, but it's a little out of the blue... does it belong in the song? Debatable no doubt. I like the return to the chords at the end.

Wonderful ideas. As a composition it falls short a bit though. Many of the ideas presented could have been repeated and explored more. Repetition is the THE most important element in song construction. I'm excited what this will turn into as you develop it more. With all that said, it's still one of my top pics so far.

thanks David

yazoo's picture

Many thanks for the astute observations, point taken about the train (but you gotta watch out for trains on a walk down the tracks :) The piece needed more time than one evening and some vague ideas. I will return to it and explore it further. Thanks again for the challenge. FYI, it was done on a wonderful old (60's) 12 hole Echo vamper in E, Hohners european version of the 364.

Nicely Done!

Spl20's picture

I really enjoyed this train ride, kept me interested, great sound. Well Done!!

Strollin again

patricia mifsud's picture

The beginning & ending of this piece are just wonderful-I loved it-loved the tone, the whoops & the passing train fantastic effort!.

Nice Stroll!!

hank stefaniak's picture

nice tremolo in intro - good whoops and "hsss" - like the rhythmic chugs - passing train very cool and well done!! Congratulations on a creative and well played number.


jodanchudan's picture

I really like the way this develops and the way you've incorporated the train chug. Cool stuff.

Cool rhythm!

robfraser's picture

Great effort! I'm impressed by your technical ability and the passing train is an awesome technique that I never seem to be able to pull off. Well played!


yazoo's picture

Thanks to all for your supportive comments, it was about 2.45 am when I finally settled on take 26! there are a couple of bits I fluffed a little, it was surprisingly difficult and a well worthwhile excercise, thanks David for the challenge.