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Swing Thing

patricia mifsud's picture

Sorry this is such a last minute entre-a bit confused with the time difference etc. The backing track is a Swing in g i've had on my ipod for ages & with some help from my son recorded it on garage band. Hope not too late.thanks again for another great challenge!!


nice swing feel

hank stefaniak's picture

Liked what you did for head and emphasized notes (stops?) consistent melody lines throughout. Good one!

Gary Smith Judging

Gary Smith's picture

Good usage of track to compose head... a bit rambling

Well played Pat!

robfraser's picture

What a great jam track to work with- where did you get it? I like the style you're applying here, not so much heavy blues as light, almost country-ish swing. Some good octave technique and I love the head!

Thanks Rob

patricia mifsud's picture

Thanks for listening-the Jam track I downloaded from I liked it when I first heard it.

Thanks David & Mark

patricia mifsud's picture

Thanks for your encouragement-I did hear that (tone,embouchure) as soon as I played it back but as it was only (mostly) mistake free recording & was running out of time I stuck with it.I didn't use my bullet mic which I'm now comfortable with & it thinks it stops me from wah wah ing everyone which is a bad old habit I have. I really did have fun doing it-thanks again for taking the time to listen!!

Ditto what Dave said! I like

Mark Hummel's picture

Ditto what Dave said! I like the way your repeating your lines here plus a nice head with accents.

David Barrett Judging

David Barrett's picture

Here we go!

CH1 - Nice head... great use of the non-standard chord changes in bars 9 and 10... the use of 3' and 3" was great
CH2 - I like that you repeated the head
CH3 - I like the 1 draw focus note... be a little careful when hitting a non-bent 3 on the IV Chord
CH4 - Good
CH5 - Good idea to use 2/5 texture
CH6 - Nice lick here... at this point I'm starting to want tremolo... it makes some of phrase ends flat
CH7 - Nice 3+/6+ octave and like the dynamics
CH8 - VERY cool 4/7 texture... nice walk-down idea
CH9 - Nice walking... some dips on the 4/5 combos would be nice... that's how we normally present textures like that
CH10 - Head returns... great playing for the ending

What a fun song... a pleasure to listen to with a real sense of theme and movement throughout the piece! Add some tremolo/vibrato, dips and open your embouchure a bit for a bigger tone and you've got a #1 hit!