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Swingin' In

iantonionni's picture

Had to try an get an effort in!



marcos's picture

Great job. Love the swing, man.


Steven Troch's picture

Congratulations and keep on swinging!


robfraser's picture

Well done to you sir! Toe tapping and finger clicking all the way!

You can't beat a well played

frank's picture

You can't beat a well played swing number, that's why you got the prize pie-zon, congratulations my man!!


jodanchudan's picture

Congratulations - it's a very cool, swinging track!


hank stefaniak's picture

Congratulations on a job well done!!!

Thanks David. Spot on about

iantonionni's picture

Thanks David. Spot on about the length, I am going to use a shorter jam track to sharpen up this track. Great exercise, this is something I wouldn't have tried without the competition.


David Barrett's picture

CH1 - Nice head, very catchy and captures the feel of the song well / great AAB Chorus Form
CH2 - Nice shadowing of the head
CH3 - Nice 3' use
CH4 - Great AA AA B that matches band and hits
CH5 - KILLER idea to continue the 2 draw through the turnaround of the previous chorus, well done!
CH6 - Nice 5 draw hold
CH7 - Nice AA BA C Chorus Form
CH8 - Soloing is starting to drag at this point... it doesn't feel
CH9 - Same comment...
CH10 - Great first, I would have love to of heard that lick played many times
CH11 - Nice playing here, but song is dragging on at this point
CH12 - Same comment
CH13 - Head

Very well done. I would cut CH8, CH9... played CH10 as AAAA AAAA B, Cut CH11, CH12 and then back to the head. Most likely that was the length of the jam track and you had no way of editing it, so I can understand that. Keep in mind that a jump and swing blues like this traditionally uses a lot of repetition, so you could even use more. Again, SUPER well player.

Lives up to name!

Mark Hummel's picture

Lives up to it's title! I would have liked to have heard a chorus start with 4 draw as opposed to 5 draw(which started three different choruses)? Really natural phrasing and is very Walter-ish stylistcally. Ditto to what Rick mentioned. Really strong timing on most of it as well as good tone. Ending was a little flubbed on timing but overall a GREAT JOB ON THIS!

Great feel!

jimsammy's picture

You really show a great, natural swingin' feel! You play the harp like someone who can probably dance.
Simple (which is a good thing!), hip ideas. Good use of contrasting volumes. Nice chord punctuation.
Relaxed phrasing...all that!
The only thing I'd like to hear is for you to get a better "grip" on the reeds. You're swingin' kinda like Little Willie Anderson, which is not a bad thing at all, but if you develop a stronger, more controlled embouchure, you'll be swingin' more like Little Walter!

Cool track

jodanchudan's picture

This swings like hell - great use of repetition and variation in note length!

Swung so hard my head is

frank's picture

Swung so hard my head is spinning, courageous use of less is more in your phrasing ideals - you really let the band share the spotlight, bravo....


walterjuke's picture

Sounds like a trumpet at times, a sax at others - good stuff!

More than an effort

hank stefaniak's picture

Effort?? Hell this is good stuff - WIcked tone and groove that certainly does swing. Definite head and chorus forms that bring a nice variety and interest. Very enjoyable listen

You got it goin' on!

robfraser's picture

Great swing Iantonionni! Very hornlike, which is just what this groove seems to be about! Wonderful bend control and great chorus forms. Well done!

Thanks Rob! Apologies for the

iantonionni's picture

Thanks Rob! Apologies for the track name, I only saw yours after I submitted.