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Swingin' Boogie

kcairns's picture

I tried to come up with a head the would fit the groove, which I the repeat in the 2nd chorus, with a slight variation using octaves. I then basically, try and build on each successive chorus, through the range of the harp, from the lower, to the top end. There's a variation on a Big Walter lick in the 2nd but last chorus. The head being repeated in the last chorus.


Gary Smith Judging

Gary Smith's picture

good acoustic tone... good timing


kcairns's picture

Thanks Gary

Pretty solid job here. It

Mark Hummel's picture

Pretty solid job here. It sounds fairly improvised-that's a good thing. Seems like you loosen up as it gets going. I'd like to hear your amplified sound-I think you would sound good amplified. Nice ideas & flow to this!


kcairns's picture

Thanks Mark. I purposley didn't amplify my entry as I am new to doing recordings, and wanted to have a clean sound. Next time though!

David Barrett Judging

David Barrett's picture

Here we go!

CH1 - A play on the head to "Off the Wall," cool. The lick at the end... 1 2" 1 2" 2... try it as 1 2" 1 2' 2... you may like it
CH2 - Nice use of the octave embouchure
CH3 - I like how you went to the bottom of the harp to star the body of the piece
CH4 - Was surprised to hear you go back up so quickly, but cool lick / Nice dynamic use / nice shake
CH5 - I like how you used the 3' on the IV... it shows that your playing is mature
CH6 - Cool 4' 4 lick
CH7 - Nice theme and variation here / glad to hear you're using the V-IV-I's taught on the site
CH8 - Liking the use of repetition.... it's a hallmark of the swing
CH9 - Nice variation on the head
CH10 - Nice Walter quote / Nice use of build on these choruses in place of the standard turnaround
CH11 - Like the high-end work... tongue blocking those high notes will give you a bigger sound
CH12 - Head / Great ending!

Well played... thanks for submitting!

Your comments

kcairns's picture

Thanks for your observations David. I just knew you would spot the V-VI-1 from your material! I'll take your comments onboard and work on them


hank stefaniak's picture

Good use of repetition and chorus forms. You used solid techniques to your advantage and result!! Liked the articulation.


kcairns's picture

Thanks Hank!


Steven Troch's picture

You really played some killer licks and awesome V IV I transitions. It sounds really fresh and swinging. Well done!!

Good stuff!

robfraser's picture

Great repetition in the chorus forms and excellent V IV I transitions throughout! The acoustic playing (I assume!)makes for a smooth clean tone which works well to emphasise your ample technique. Really good stuff!


kcairns's picture

Thanks for your coments Rob. Yes, I recorded it acoustically. Mainly because I am new to the recording process, and didn't attempt to apply any amplification or effects. Next time perhaps!



jodanchudan's picture

Good use of the chorus forms, a strong swing feel and I really like the glissandos and octaves. Great track!

Swingin' Boogie

kcairns's picture

Hi There

Thanks for your positive comments. I recorded the tune so many times, to get the one I was happy with, but in doing so, it started to feel no longer fresh. So I am glad that someone hearing it for the first time, enjoyed it. Excuse my typos in the description!