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Swingin' Into Position

robfraser's picture

My entry is influenced by a fair mix of artists as I'm listening to loads of stuff at the moment. Quotes from all over really- eg Kim W, RJ Mischo, some V-IV-Is from Dave and who knows where else..?! Most notably though, LW's Juke riff in chorus 4 (yeah yeah, cliched I know but it fitted well with the breaks in that chorus...). I'm sure the head was my own idea but somebody let me know if I'm mistaken and it's just an unintentional subconscious pilfer!

Anyway, the track was recorded on my mate's system as I'm not very good with that side of things. This meant that I had a limited number of takes so there's a few bum notes here and there (the usual caveat!) and some choruses are not quite as originally planned but, overall, I'm happy with the way the recording turned out. The backing track is "swing in F" from the "Ultimate Jam Tracks" CD- it doesn't always complement the harp lines but what can you do with a rigid format?! I play in 2nd, 1st and 3rd (no turnarounds on some choruses for harp switching purposes!) to give additional contrast to the chorus forms, focus notes, etc. Hope you like it!


Great Tone!

Gartland's picture

Killer sound and tastefull playing. Your phrasing and timing were just right!


David Barrett's picture

CH1 - Nice A B/A C Chorus Form / I like your tone
CH2 - Great fragmentation of the A lick for the head / Nice V-IV-I lick
CH3 - Nice use of the 3'
CH4 - Great place to use breaks / I like how you're using the higher octave here
CH5 - Nice position change... tone is a little thin, but this will get better over time with focus practice on tone for this
CH6 - Low end 1st... cool. Hear the huge difference between tone in the last chorus and this? Too much change in my opinion
CH7 - Back to 2nd
CH8 - Nice
CH9 - 3rd Positon, nice...
CH10 - Nice 1 usage
CH11 - Nice call and response with the band
CH12 - I would have liked to of heard the lick you played in the turnaround area of CH11 developed in this chorus and brought the head back in CH13

Well done! I can tell you put a lot of effort into this and it shows... you must have gained a lot from this experience.

Thanks Dave!

robfraser's picture

Thanks for the feedback Dave. Writing this was indeed a great experience and has promted me to look at writing more instrumental material. Going into CH6 I was trying to get a big switch from the high notes down to the really bassy low end, almost to suggest a different instrument was being played! Anyway, I'm working on the high end tone although I find the TB blow bends really tough and mostly fall back into a pucker comfort zone up there! Thanks again for the encouraging words.

Contains some real good ideas

jimsammy's picture

This piece contains some real good ideas but I'm not sure all the position switches really serve the song.
2nd to 1st and back would've been enough for me. Also, I think developing a stronger embouchure would help the execution, articulation and pitch.

Good point!

robfraser's picture

Good point Rick, thanks. I guess I was looking for ways to vary the track and keep the listener engaged with the position switching. Always working on that embouchure too!

good stuff

Mark Hummel's picture

Good Melody here, it's inventive stuff. I like the way you're getting around-reminds me a bit of some old Papa Lightfoot song-especialy at 0:47. Nice high note blow bends-the switch fooled me to 1st position at the high notes-thought it was still second. I heard alot of licks from others,Jr. Wells,Walter,Musselwhite. I liked the 3rd & the silent break too & back to the head-pretty loose-terrific playing. Tongue blocking would give you a bigger sound tonally but still nice sound!


robfraser's picture

Thanks for the comment Mark, it's appreciated. It's amazing how much of what you listen to works its way into your music. My 50:50 ratio of LP to TB is slowly but surely leaning in the TB direction!

Very cool

Buck's picture

Is it OK if I "pilfer" it?


patricia mifsud's picture

Great entry Rob-loved the opening and their were a couple of other really lovely memorable licks in there.Was really enjoyable-wish I could do that high stuff too!!!!

Sweet playing! Great mic

jodanchudan's picture

Sweet playing! Great mic technique too - I especially like the vibrato you get - very cool. Also cool to hear use of different positions.

Ideas, lotsa

Sunnyside Bob's picture

Well done! But why be so "gentle"? For me, the piece calls for percussive playing with tongue slaps to give it some bang! Loaded with ideas! Before recording, you must have had a clear vision of what you wanted to do. Your delivery is VERY honest, you make a nice delicate bunch with what you "stole" here and there ;o)
And every time I listen, I hear different cool stuff...

Cheers Bob!

robfraser's picture

Thanks for the critique Bob. Your interpretation of "gentle" is me at my banging best! Only been TB since joining Dave's amazing website but what a fantastic journey! Not so sure about the honest either- you should see my resume..! I appreciate the comments, Sunnyside!

Great swinging feel! The

Wheel's picture

Great swinging feel! The hight end playin is very jazzy! Cool tune Rob!


hank stefaniak's picture

Great opening an head - grabs attention! Like the way you repeated it to reinforce it. Then you just wailed. High end in 1st position great idea and worked well!! Congratulations on a well done number!!

The first position high end

frank's picture

The first position high end playing rocked the house, you nailed that chorus...