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tomsnow's picture

This morning I had a row with my babe so....I didn't feel like doin' a fast and funny stuff like a fox chase or the train but something more "Blue". Some mistakes in the tune but I felt like that today! Many thanks for this fantastic opportunity to learn more and more thanks to you guys. What a privilege to have a full access to all these greats videos, very instructive! Cheers to all from France


Superb, Great technique - Love from Taiwan

chrismar's picture

I also thought it would have been nice to hear the first chorus come back to round out your near perfect performance. This is just saying that I wanted to hear more. Your shuffling groove  was crisp  and very exacting and laid a great foundation to express your feelings through the smoothness of your tones and the fluidity of your playing. 


Brothergerr's picture

Congratulations! Your piece was top of my list to win. :) Bask in the glory!

Thanks a lot!!! I'm really

tomsnow's picture

Thanks a lot!!! I'm really glad you like it!

Cheers from Chile

ErwinIost's picture

and Congratulations Thomas...

Muchas Gracias

tomsnow's picture

Muchas Gracias, thanks Erwin, really aperciate your words!


Nedrick's picture

Congratulations Thomas. Great technique and sense of rhythm!

Thanksssss a lot!

tomsnow's picture

Thanksssss a lot!


jodanchudan's picture

Well done and congratulations! I thought your piece was awesome - great tone and technique. You definitely deserved to win this. Now I'm going to have to learn it!


tomsnow's picture

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it!! Really aperciate your support


hank stefaniak's picture

Way to go Thomas - well deserved and a model to emulate for sure!!! Looking forward to hearing more!!

Many thanks Hank!!!!!!

tomsnow's picture

Many thanks Hank for all your kind words! I really aperciate your support. Good spirit!!

Congratulations King Chug

patricia mifsud's picture

Congratulations Thomas-this is such an amazing piece-truely deserves it!!

Thanks you Patricia

tomsnow's picture

Hi Patricia, thanks you so much for your support!

King of the Chug

Troy Wilson's picture

Congratulations Thomas.


tomsnow's picture

Thanks a lot Troy. Aperciate!

Well done, King Chug!

robfraser's picture

Congratulations Thomas! I think your submission stood out from the rest in terms of your technical ability. I was equally impressed with your recent submission in the "share" section and look forward to hearing more from you, perhaps some of your "fast and funny stuff"!


tomsnow's picture

Hi Rob, I thanks you so much for your kind words! Your playing is excellent and I enjoyed your tune too. Hope to meet you someday to havea little Jam!


yazoo's picture

Thomas, please consider this a handshake across the water, yours was a masterful submission. Congratulations.

Thanks so much

tomsnow's picture

Hi Yazoo, thanks you so much for your words! I really aperciate. I'd love to share this first place with you because I really think that your submission was at less as good as mine. By far! Congratulations too and I'd like to hear more of your music! I really like your way to blow.

Madcat's comments:

Peter Madcat Ruth's picture

Wow! This is excellent ! I take it you've listened to some SonnyBoy Williamson II :-)
The length of this piece is perfect. I'm impressed.

many thanks

tomsnow's picture

Thanks a lot Peter. Your kind words make me feel very happy. I'm honored that you aperciate my tune. For sure I listen a lot of both Sonny Boy! I tried to mix sonny's stuff from miller and Terry. Hope to see you on stage. ps: your "Madcat harmonica crazy" post on youtube is amazing and the funniest thing I ever seen with a harmonica!!!!


Joe Filisko's picture

Wow! Very solid command of music and technique happening here. Very solid bending and T-block skills. Nice hand technique and use of bright head tones. Certainly shows that you are familiar with the past masters and the lessons that they left us with. Very interesting piece to listen to. I was also impressed that you kept it fairly short and to the point. My criticism is that you lost me a little with the high note thing from hole 9. Yeah, it was executed very well, but it sounded like you were trying to show off all of a sudden and interfered with the vibe that I had going on. JF

Thanks to you master

tomsnow's picture

Thanks to you master! You can't imagine how I'm glad to be heard by you. I'm a real fan of you and your music. I understand what you mean about the high end stuff. I'll keep it in mind the next time. Hope to see you on stage in France!!! you are a reference for me and I'll keep in mind your advice. Thanks again.

Comments - Tom Ball

Tom Ball's picture

Some excellent blues here ala Rice Miller. Fine control. I really like the tongue trills that start about :37. Tone is dandy. Very nice octave slide at 1:48, and good high-end work after it. You might want to watch the grunt noise (at 1:07) unless that was intentional? :) Very well done, although I’m not sure this could be called a “chug” piece?

Thanks a lot!!

tomsnow's picture

Thanks very much for your comment, i'm proud to be heard by a Top musician!!!!! The Growl was not intentional (I didn't hear it before the post and your comment...what a shame!). As I said, when I recorded it I was very sad and I improvised. This piece wasn't built as a real composition. It's a one shot recording. next time I'll spend more time to think about it before pushing the record button. Anyway I'm happy to participate to this great challenge. Thanks again.

Loved it!!

Spl20's picture

Very well done! Superb!!

Comments - David Barrett

David Barrett's picture

Opening - Nice obvious nod to SBII
CH1 - Nice use of tongue blocking (pulls, slaps, etc), bending and air leakage. Nice dynamics. Good rhythm and sense of chord change change
CH2 - Nice flutter and tremolo. Nice high-end work. Great V-IV-I idea and Sonny Terry hand usage
CH3 - Nice change to triplet rhythm
CH4 - Nice 5-hole octaves and blow bends.

I would have liked to hear the first chorus come back at the end. In my opinion the song would have been even better, or at least had more of an identity, if you did this.


tomsnow's picture

many thanks David, for your comment. I'm very glad of your comments. What an honnor to be heard by a master!!!! I'm really agree with your suggestion to redo the first part at the end of the tune. I think that I I would have better had to structure the piece with a recurrent theme. Thanks again for your fantastic work!
Ps: sorry for my english, I'm french

Many thanks

tomsnow's picture

Hy guys, thanks a lot for your kind words. I really aperciate! I'm really impressed by your level too.

Soulful entry!

Brothergerr's picture

I really liked this piece. So many textures and nuances to it. Really enjoyable! Quality playing.


jodanchudan's picture

Great playing - techniques sound very well controlled and expressive. Really like this.

Oh Yeah!!!

hank stefaniak's picture

Well done with all parts working. Nice dynamics, tone, slaps etc., etc.. Love the way you threw in the high end. If there were any mistakes in there, they sure got past me. Very enjoyable listening.


robfraser's picture

Fantastic submission. Rich with tone and technique. I like the way you used position playing over the chord changes.

You must have felt better after letting that out!