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Travelling Swing

mcpat76's picture

I played this tune in A on a C chromatic harmonica. I used the Jazz Swing track from Jimi Lee. I enjoyed working on this conposition and I hope you will enjoy listening to it.



hank stefaniak's picture

I am so impressed with playing the C chrome for key of A - like David said, it was into it right off the bat!! Some of those riffs were wicked. I'm going to try them on the chrome to get a full appreciation of what you did, but man, that is impressive!!

Gary Smith Judging

Gary Smith's picture

a little choppy in timing... some good original licks

Really great!

robfraser's picture

I really enjoyed this Mcpat. I don't know what others think but I'm always in awe of good chromatic playing as it's such a killer sound (that I can't do!). Lots of great themes in here too- excellent submission!

I hear some William Clarke

Mark Hummel's picture

I hear some William Clarke ideas in here but I don't think he nor I have had the balls to try something in A on a C Chrom! Very brave of you. The timing feels a little shaky in the middle passages. I like the lines here & it's a REAL CHALLENGE to do what you're doing here let alone to pull it off! Good work here!

Thank you for your comment

mcpat76's picture

Thank you for your comment Mark. I wanted to explore other keys than D on the chromatic. I have been working on some William Clark solos that I played in A. If I had had one more week I would have improved the shaky timing. Actually I decided to change the tempo at the last minute because I thought it was to slow.

David Barrett Judging

David Barrett's picture

Here we go!...

CH1 - Hittin' hard right out of the gate... nice AAB Chorus Form
CH2 - Great idea to move up an octave to repeat the head
CH3 - Nice use of the flutter
CH4 - Nice horn line here
CH5 - Another nice line
CH6 - Nice chromatic ideas here... very imaginative
CH7 - Nice sequenced lick
CH8 - Head returns
CH9 - Sweet line... you're playing some real mature lines here... well done
CH10 - I like how you're playing a little lower here
CH11 - Cool
CH12 - Head returns / You

Some VERY nice lines here... you must of worked very hard on this... it's payed off! There's a couple places where you stumble (mostly in chorusses 4 and 5), this is to be expected with such challenging lines... you'll just want to dial those in before performing them on the bandstand. I feel there should be two things to make your composition even better than it is...

1) Dynamics... you're playing everything at one volume... boring. I know you're going for a powerful sound, but if you play everything at a powerful volume, nothing is powerful, it's all the same... I want contrast

2) Some work on the lower 3 holes would have been cool, as a change from the octave-range playing. This would also be a good opportunity to play a soft passage... again, dynamics.

Just some ideas... again, great job!

Thank you for your comment

mcpat76's picture

Thank you for your comment David. I agree with what you say. I took the bad habit of playing everything at the same volume since I began to play. That's something I'll have to think about everytime. I was supposed to play a solo in the lower register (chorus 10), but I had a hard time hitting the right note on the 16 hole chromatic, so I played the solo higher. I will work on the tune again and post it in the share section.
Thanks again for your advice David.