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Bluetrickster's picture

 Travel'n is a medium tempo blues in C - from Blues Harmonica student Les Toth -


Good Ideas

jimsammy's picture

The theme of this song contains some really good melodic ideas and ones not typically heard on harmonica. Good work! I do agree with Mark about leaving more space.

Brave choice

Mark Hummel's picture

really cool song- reminds me of another melody I've heard before?? Plus to play in C is tough, you're doing some difficult stuff here. My only critique would be to have left a few more holes in solo & broken up the time on your riffs since all feels on the beat. But it's good work & I'm sure you'll develop your C Chrom quickly!

Road Less Traveled

Dennis Gruenling's picture

Hi Les - Interesting work here. Really like the melodic work, nice tone on the harp, and nice song form here. I dig what you're playing through the changes, and I found myself remembering the melody after hearing this only once. At some point, I would have loved to hear a little more of a "solo" type of section, but it's a nice departure from the typical blues chromatic instrumental, and great work on it, had some nice bluesy moments too. - Dennis "Count Chromonica" Gruenling

Nice flow!

hank stefaniak's picture

Really liked the flow you gave to the melody lines - nice laid back feel - I'm so stuck into the thrid position attitude, you've given me incentive to explore first position - like what you did!!

This is different!  First

walterjuke's picture

This is different!  First position on chro, and bluesy and country at the same time.  I don't think I've heard this kind of feel on the chromatic before.  Very creative!  Nice tone, nice feel.  I enjoyed this.


Hey Les

Steven Troch's picture

Cool first position playing, great ideas. The song has got a nice laidback feel to it.

Steven Troch

Beautiful melody

Marty Howe's picture

I hear what you are saying brother, and you are putting a lot of soul into it !!!!

Beautiful melody on the head too :)