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TRIADA BEAT (Beatbox+harmonica)

M.Blues's picture

I try to make some "song" with beatbox and harmonica. It  was wery funny experience with my friends...a lot of laught an also hard work !

I never make something like that. I was inspired by "Moses Concas" musician on you tube.

This  is not profesional produkt.

So I would like to hear some critics from David and others... Please e mail me.

Maybe in the future i can make with your help some good HarpBox  "song" 








Well done, this is very

David Barrett's picture

Well done, this is very unique and fun to listen to. This is outside my area of expertise, but I have one tip for you... Tempo changes are featured in your piece, which is great to hear. Be a little careful in your changes so that the listener can follow you. As you speed up I'm able to follow you, but there are some places where the rhythm is ambiguous (hard to "feel" where I need to tap my foot). Abrupt tempo changes are part of your composition, which I get, and is fine, and cool, and I can follow those, but in some places it's disconnected. All I suggest is that you tap your foot to your piece, just like a lister would, and make note of places your foot gets lost. You're playing a groove-based style of music, so you can't make the groove too disjunct... keep the listener in the groove. Again, well done, very cool!

Thanks !!!

M.Blues's picture

Jes it is unique song and style...

Becouse of that I did not wanted to send  you at first ...but a few days later I decide to send you anyway. Just like that I can see what realy others means about that #strange idea#  :))



M.Blues / M.Visočnik



I liked it a lot, I'm glad

David Barrett's picture

I liked it a lot, I'm glad you shared!

This is an interesting song.

marcgraci's picture

This is an interesting song. I like the interplay between the light sounding melody lines and the dark disonant chords. I also like how you begin and end the song with similar ideas based around a melody.

It's a cool idea to change around the tempo like you did in the middle, but be careful. When the tempo gets faster, your technique sometimes gets sloppy. Make sure to practice those parts.

This song begins in a good way, and it builds well, but I think that it loses focus in the second half. I recommend that you watch some of Dave's videos on songwriting (in the Improvising series). He talks about how to keep a listener's attention for an entire instrumental. One idea that I think you can really benefit from is if you have a "hook" to your song (like a main idea that you can keep returning to throughout the song).

Good job! It's really very cool. I know it's a tough thing to make a song with only harmonica.

I'm sure you know Son of Dave, but I think he's one of the best at this genre of harmonica. Do you know this song, Black Betty?

Marc Thanks

M.Blues's picture

At first I really must say thank you very much for your opinion ! It is great to hear from others how they see my work. Thanks again that you take soo much time for me.


Jes I agree with you that this song can have difficulties around main theme... I must study a little bit of Dave s video about sogwriting. I am at level 3. I think I will almost do the 4 and then slowly i think I know how to put together such a song.

I also thought that i will keep listener s attention with different theme of playing or with differend liks and thempo... I just make by feeling... 


Thanks again Marc


I just did not understand what have in comon this link that you send me Son of Dave. Is this the same style of music? I use my mouth (beatbox ) and harmonica , he uses drum beside harmonica . Maybe is the same beat they use... 


M.Blues / M.Visočnik


I can certainly see the

joey.kendall's picture

I can certainly see the connection between the songs.  There are beatboxing components in both of them.  The key of your song reminds me of (and this is about to be a sterotypical statement so don't blast me with hate, no offense meant) kind of a Gypsy style music.  Eastern European area ... which reminds me a lot of this song:

there are no beatboxing components in the above song, but the minor key makes it make the connection in my head.

I sent you this link to Son

marcgraci's picture

I sent you this link to Son of Dave because he plays in this style. He uses a lot of looping and chording. That song I sent was maybe not the best example of his style. Son of Dave has many good songs that are just him, playing harmonica and singing and using looping.

If this style is exciting for you, Dave has some good videos on this site by Brandon Bailey. They are videos on beatbox harmonica.