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Turkey Bastin'

robfraser's picture

I'm using a Jimi Lee backing track for my entry and I've gone with a familiar walking bass line for the head, following the actual bass line of the jam track. There's quite a few West Coast harp instrumentals that use this approach but I really dig it and thought why not! I've stayed away from intricate turnaround licks (great cop out, favouring a more rhythmic turnaround style..!) and I've used a few build ups as the track progresses, hopefully to give an "developing impact" feel between choruses. Ignore the inevitable duff notes here and there if you will and keep your ears out for various quotes ;o)


Gary Smith Judging

Gary Smith's picture

good boogie-woogie bass line... nice variations... good drive... well thought out

Very dynamic-great energy

Mark Hummel's picture

Very dynamic-great energy too. Sounds spontanious too! The third to the last progression I did hear a little glitch on the five chord but that's nittpicking! All in all a very strong entry-I think you got it going here!

David Barrett Judging

David Barrett's picture

Here we go!

Opening - Cool
CH1 - Nice use of bass line here
CH2 - Nice variation and octave-higher work
CH3 - I was expecting a volume change here to add dynamics, but your 2 draw lick sound great strong... be cautious not to play louder than you can control your bends... we all go there sometimes!... in this case your 2's are flat
CH4 - Nice quote / I would of liked to hear a deeper on the IV... like what you played for the V
CH5 - Great strong lick here... nice build
CH6 - Nice dynamic change here... great use of the jam track here... nice quote
CH7 - More quotes... cool
CH8 - Nice textures and rhythm here
CH9 - This call and response would have been even cooler if you varied your volume and/or tone with cupping and open-cup (I'm also talking to myself here... I don't do it enough!) / Great use of build-up
CH10 - Great lick here... I love that lick
CH11 - Head comes back

Great job keeping the energy throughout... most players fizzle out half way... great job.


hank stefaniak's picture

Wel done - right off the bat you were totally into swing mode. like the fat tone and the way you kept the melody lines moving and used great transitions to move into the next chorus. Repetition established some very strong hooks!!

Giving thanks for the turkey

patricia mifsud's picture

Sorry-thats really corny isn't it.Another great track that made me want to dance-you must have been exhausted after that! Some great riffs & it really built as it went along.Congratulations on your entry!!

Great job!

marcos's picture

Some great licks in there. I hear some Cotton!

Some greasy bastin' going on here!

walterjuke's picture

Great boogie woogie bass lines! Very cool stuff! I can tell you listen to lots of great west coast players; it's reflected in your sound and ideas.

I used the same jam track - would have picked a different one if I had know how good yours would sound!

I knew it!!!! great job my

ErwinIost's picture

I knew it!!!! great job my friend!!!!! the way you play on this BT is really good...i got the control of the song perfectly!!!


Swinging turkey

Steven Troch's picture

That's one swinging turkey you're serving. Great rhythm patterns and great use of octaves, really like the high octaves (2:54). It has a nice West Coast flavor to it and i heard the echo of a couple of player's passing by. It's always hard to keep a tune like this one interesting for more than 2 minutes but you pulled it off. Great job!

Turkey Bastin'

kcairns's picture

You had my feet tapping from the opening few bars. Great fast rythm, very much in the "boogie" vain, with, as you say, little in the way of turnarounds - just continuing the flow throughout. Your 2 hole shakes are executed very well. Good job!