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Walter's Boogie

Gnat's picture

Hello I am posting my attempt at Walter's boogie using David's transcription played along to a backing track I found on you tube. I have been working on and off this for quite some time. I would really appreciate David's comments on my progress and any pointers. Thanks


Excellent! Very well

David Barrett's picture

Excellent! Very well played. 

Three tips...  

1) Try to keep your tempo consistent for the descending lick (9+ 9 8 9 8 7 6 6+ 5 4 3). You're slowing down a bit and this intro is important for the band to come in at the right tempo (note that you had to speed up to play with the band when they entered. In live performance the band would match your speed and play slower... slower than you want.)

2) Try the chewing vibrato on the 3" (see Tremolo and Vibrato lesson) 

3) Listen to the original Walter version for his tempo on the last three notes. He plays them in a way that is predictable to the band, making the very last note you play easy to enter back on. 

Again, very well done!


Gnat's picture

Thanks for the comments David.

I will get to work on them asap.

Not ever having played with a band these things never occurred to me.

If I ever have the courage and perform in public I will make sure to focus on these.




Great Job!

dsaccucci's picture

Nice playing!!! That is one of my favorite songs!


Gnat's picture

Thanks alot.

Great playing man. Nice work

Patrick Lindgren's picture

Great playing man. Nice work on the triplet bends!


Gnat's picture

Much appreciated.